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Monday, January 04, 2010
if you're trying out on teenage love affair at 24.
atleast please do in behind closets. and do it right.

you're not good at it, then dont do it.
feeling so utterly foolish as i wait for the third mth to arrive.


wasted. u just lose yourself deeper when u claim to be searching for yourself.
careers? commitment? not ready?

you're just not ready to grow up baby.
its sad to see how u turning your life into greater disaster.
it hurts me...

let me drown myself tonight. just me n xtacy.
u just lost me back there.

its the 15th. when i cried my heart for u.
15th. not before.

i just dunno what else to say.
u lost ur religion.dignity.principles.yourself.


xoxo ♥ sue:
7:40:00 PM

Saturday, January 02, 2010
ku menangis melepaskan
kepergian dirimu dari sisi hidupku
harus slalu kau tahu
akulah hati yang telah kau sakiti


xoxo ♥ sue:
3:22:00 PM

Just so you know, i miss you so much like no words can describe.

but you're silence kept me wondering time and time again.
is the wait worth it.

so i decided.
that 5 am call would be the last call you ever hear from me...
but everything else you wanna call text me.. please do.

its not that im moving on so much.
im just waiting for u in silence.

til the march. hopefully we'll meet again.
i will always love you... and miss you...

bt i'll have my fair share of fun. while u have yours.

ily muhd sufiyan. so much. :')

xoxo ♥ sue:
3:10:00 PM

Thursday, December 31, 2009
with love,

all the way from singapore.

:D your phone rang after 3 mins. heehee.

xoxo ♥ sue:
2:26:00 AM

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
the feeling is so nice to have a message in your inbox every morning :)
i miss the feeling.

its nice to have company....

i do miss you tho.

xoxo ♥ sue:
2:40:00 PM

i dreamt that he came :)
i was in a lime green tube long dress -.-" (i know... wtf was i wearing? green?)
kk lets put it as red. heh

we acted like we are "just friends" ...
but i was such a good host.
after showing him around town...
he said he wish he could stay...

things started to fall in place... :D
and i started to feel heavy when his flight taking off...


the alarm went off.
i woke up with a smile.
and i cant stop smiling.


wan was right, you tend to dream about the last thing that was in your mind....
fzyang :D

ok its weird. and its wrong. but heyy i dont control my dream.
nonetheless... it just made my day. :D

xoxo ♥ sue:
2:25:00 PM

Maybe we need just a little more time
Time that can heal what's been on your mind
You can find what we lost before it all slips away
We need time to mend from the mistakes I've made
God only knows what a heart can survive
So many tears from all the pain in our lives
And where else could we go after all we've been through
I still believe my life is right here with you

I know its taking a while but every lesson, i've learned
And if your heart speaks tonight, I'll hear every word
If you want to be free I'll never stand in your way
But with all that I am, I'm asking you to stay

There's a light that can burn
It exists in the heart
You can feel it when you know love is true
If you could try to be strong
And keep the light burning long
It took a lifetime but i found it in you

So just hold on
And it'll wont take long
I hope that you can love me
When the pain is gone
I don't want us to fall through the cracks of a broken heart
Don't want us to fall through the cracks of your broken heart


i might be gone if you're taking too long.

i miss you.

xoxo ♥ sue:
12:17:00 AM

Sunday, December 27, 2009
I feel a separation coming on
'Cause I know you want to be moving on
I wish it would snow tonight
You'd pull me in, avoid a fight
'Cause I feel a separation coming on

Just prove that there is nothing left to try
'Cause the truth I'd rather we just both deny
You kissed me with those open eyes
It says so much, it's no surprise to you
But I've got something left inside

Don't surrender, surrender, surrender
Please remember, remember November
We were so in love back then
Now you're listening to what they say, don't go that way
Remember, remember November
Please remember, don't surrender

You said you wouldn't let them change your mind
'Cause when we're together fire melts the ice
Our hearts are both on overdrive
Come with me, let's run tonight
Don't let these memories get left behind

I remember us together with a promise of forever
We can do this, fight the pressure
Please remember November


xoxo ♥ sue:
3:12:00 AM

Friday, December 25, 2009
if only i could bite my fingers off to refrain myself from dialin ur number all the time..
from typing messages meant only for u...
from viewing the video you made on my itouch..
from glancing through the pictures we had...

if only i have the courage to hit the delete button...

if only i could run to u and hold u..not letting u leave.
i guess everything was too late.

its only time till u open ur heart.
its only time till i close my heart.

time will time.
tears will fall... non stop.

how we used to be.
how we shud have been.
i realised i shud be more appreciative of u.
make u push every blame on me... and not fight back.
if that wud make u stay.. i shud have done that.

i'mma hold on till u are ready.
in time.

i always ask...
will u be there at the end of the road?
what if i never appear at the end?

will u come find me?

until march, u promise.
i'll fulfill mine.
i'll wait.

everytime i try to leave something just pull me back,
telling me i need you in my life...
everytime i try to go something keeps telling me that..
everything is gonna be alright..
it was meant to be...
you were meant for me..
means we gotta make this work...

:'( i miss you so much muhd sufiyan.

full of ifs.

xoxo ♥ sue:
12:01:00 AM

Friday, December 18, 2009
baby i miss u already :'( pls come back..

xoxo ♥ sue:
4:36:00 AM